Here we share our thoughts and ideas, which we hope you enjoy. 

Inspiration and Intent

How do Inspiration and Intent work together? Join us on our website this week to find out. Come on over and be inspired!

Inner Child Meditation

This month we’re offering a FREE Inner Child Meditation on our website. Come on over, click Play, be inspired!

Inspiration as it moves us forward

This is not about New Year’s resolutions because they’re intentions. This is about being clear. Where do your inspirational intents take you?

Inspiration and Motivation

How do inspiration and motivation differ? One leads us to be-coming whereas the other pushes us into be-doing. Watch for more!

What’s Your Takeaway For December?

What’s your takeaway from all we have offered throughout December? If you’d like another look, come on over to our website!

AAA Review For 2023 Carousel

“Use the year end to celebrate who you are and to resolve the little pieces keeping you small.” This month’s Carousel offers inspiration to assist with your review of 2023.

How Will You Travel Through 2024?

As we reach the end of this year, it’s important to focus on how we travel instead of the hurts and challenges. Are you travelling lightly?

Breaking The Year Into Pieces

Break the year into smaller pieces and look for a specific theme. Then explore what it’s teaching you. What have you learned about you?

Reviewing The Year Patiently

If you’d like to start reviewing the year and learn from your triumphs and challenges, then break the year into smaller pieces …